Why? The Story

We had to do something…
In face of this tragic reality, we decided some light should be brought to this problem! We couldn’t let things get darker and two years ago we had the idea of increasing the safety of “low-light living creatures”, such as runners, cyclists, walkers, trekkers, workers… through illuminated smart clothing. Multi‑purpose top‑notch illuminated clothing seemed the perfect candidate for the mission and that’s how MUSGO was born.

MUSGO cool design incorporates optical fibers that constitute the core of the illumination system and is based in 3 precepts:
Safety | Smart illumination for increased visibility Innovation | Outstanding design and premium materials combined to integrate wearable technology and provide unrivaled performance Sustainable | Low carbon footprint resulting from the upcycle of dead stock materials.

About us

MUSGO Project results from the collaboration of two companies.
VIME and SCOOP both located in the North of Portugal.
VIME is an innovation studio that combines a team with a dynamic spirit and strong technical skills focused in the development of disruptive technological solutions with high added value. MUSGO is not only a work of engineering. MUSGO also materializes an awesome piece of design, sustained by the choice of top-notch materials and production capabilities.”
SCOOP is a textile clothing company, that stands out for its highly experienced (>25 years) and dedicated teams. SCOOP is dedicated to sustaining a dynamic atmosphere through on-going education and cultivating versatile ways to embrace new challenges that enrich the knowledge about the industry and the range of products.




How is the electronic device powered up?
A common USB power bank shall be used.

What is the power consumption of the electronic device?
For example, if the illumination system is used with a fixed single color (e. g., red), a power bank with 2000 mAh capacity shall be capable of powering the electronic device for more than 60 hours. If the illumination is chosen to be blinking, the duration of usage will be even longer.

How can I control the illumination?
The electronic device that is located inside of the left pocket has a button that shall be pressed to go through the predefined colors and effects. To switch off the illumination, the button shall be pressed continuously for at least 5 seconds. Then, when the illumination starts to blink red, the button can be released and the electronics will enter the sleep mode.

Which colors are available for the illumination?
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, Cyan and White.


How much does MUSGO products weigh?
Jacket: 500g || Vest: 300g

Can I bring my MUSGO onboard an aircraft?
Sure, no problem.

What colors are available for the jacket and vest?
At the moment we have two colors: Gold Fusion and Light Blue

How flexible is MUSGO?
Musgo can be used and folded as a normal piece of clothing. You should only be careful not to bend tightly the optical fiber.

Can I wash my MUSGO product?
Is there any special care I should take into consideration?
Yes. You should remove the electronic device prior to washing and follow the washing instructions indicated in the tag within.

How do I remove/attach the electronic device from the jacket/vest?
Very easy, just follow the instructions provided in this file.